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Rails zeus gem

rails zeus gem

Important, it is common to see tests running twice when starting out with Zeus.
It turns out that it is possible to run Parallel Tests with Spring installed so long as you disable it by setting the environment variable like this: disable_springtrue parallel_rspec -n 6 spec, the bottom line for me is that I dont have any good reason.
Rails.3 Support The default plan bundled with zeus only supports Rails.x and.x.
Rb If your spec pass, you might notice it will run it twice, upper one being green and another failing one.Rb Limitations You need to restart zeus if you make changes to various initialization files.I.e., put in some print statements, and then you dont see them shown when they should.The times shown below are casino gambling age north carolina from both sample runs of a single directory of non-integration specs and from the full test suite of 914 tests, many of which are Capybara tests, on a 2012, Retina, SSD, 16 GB, MacBook Pro while running Emacs, RubyMine, Chrome.See readme for how to see the Spring log.
In my case even much faster than declared in the gist 30 time improvement.
Do rename the my_engine with your engine name at line.
Json "command "ruby -rubygems -r./engine_plan -eZeus.
More generally, Zeus is a language-agnostic application checkpointer for non-multithreaded applications.
Its also worth noting that biggest advantage of using the Zeus or Spring pre-loaders is to save the Rails startup time.
Growl Notify, step 4: Install Zeus gem install zeus, step.That matters a lot if the test Im focusing upon only takes a second or two, such as when doing TDD.Update: One gain, you dont have to cd into the spec/dummy folder.Command zeus loader spring loader no loader rspec spec/utils 0:19.1 0:17.7 0:22.8 rake spec:utils 0:15.6 0:17.9 0:18.1 rake spec 6:11.9 6:15.0 8:02.5 rspec spec 5:51:7 5:28.0 5:37.2 parallel_rspec -n 6 spec 2:28.7 n/a 2:28.0, zeus and Spring.You might be yelling, dude we have guard for this.Check author's screencast to see Zeus in action.Examples of these files include: FactoryGirl factories RSpec support files Related gems Spork - a DRb server that forks before each run to ensure a clean testing state Commands - a persistent console that runs Rails commands without reloading the env Spring - like Zeus.Setup Your Gems, follow this example Gemfile configured to work with growl, guard, rspec, cucumber and capybara: group :development do gem "growl" gem "guard" gem "guard-bundler" gem "guard-cucumber" gem "guard-rspec" gem "guard-zeus" gem "rb-inotify require: false gem "rb-fsevent require: false gem "rb-fchange require: false end.Here is the my copy of that gist.Consequently, I made some shell aliases (see below).This more than halves my time for running my entire test suite.Zeus may work with them but we are not actively supporting them at this time.