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Avet reels forum

The new JX/LX reels will handle 40# line better than the old models.
Single Speed HX Series Reels Qty : HX Single Speed - use drop down menu for pricing and sizesAvet HX Single Speed [email protected] 289.99Avet HX wide Single Speed spooled 309.99 Specify Lefty or standard Right hand retrieve Right Hand RetrieveLeft Hand Retrieve - NOT available.Spooled with 50# line, you'll get 285 yards of line capacity.We keep a fair inventory here at our shop, and can obtain what it is that we don't have fairly quickly.They've taken marlin, big tuna, and a whole bunch of other fish from coast to coast, and internationally. .Unlike some "phantom" sources for fishing gear on the Internet you can have confidence in your purchases from CharkBait. .T he Avet Line-up avet SX It's a tiny, powerful, variation on the Avet theme of leverdrag and super freespooling spins. .No smoke and mirrors, no false promises, we offer the best deals on the best gear, and we guarantee.
Black, gold or blue lefties will add 50 to the price of your reel.
Let's talk a bit about the drag.
You've got speed to wind a jig, get attention from yellowtail for instance. .
Pick your free offer Select free offer using drop down menuFree hoe kan ik geld verdienen als 13 jarige Solid Braid SpoolingFree Toro Tamer Drag ScaleFree Multi-pliersfree Lure Assortment - JiggingFree Casting Lure Assortment Select Free pliers, Drag Scale, Lure Assortment, Free Braid* OR 10 OFF Braid Spooling - select the reel model.Always the spools were too heavy, the bearings second rate and the performance flawed.Two speeds are great, but for some fishermen it's beyond the finances and also beyond that which is needed to get the job done.Avet Avet is a new entrant into the sportfishing community, and since they arrived on the scene over 10 years ago they've well established themselves and an innovative and aggressive USA manufacturer of quality fishing reels for the offshore enthusiast. .For Avet casting reels, 4 strand Super Braid is offered at a no charge option, with reduced prices on the 8, 12 16 strand lines.Avet's primary business has been machining precise components for the medical and fiber optic field.Avet reels - Casting Reels, sX, MXJ, MXL, JX, LX, HX Models right hand and lefties.JX 50# 30 to 40# up to 14 20 lX 65# 30 to 50# up to 14# / 20# HX 80# 50 to 60# up to 20 28# We now offer several versions of Toro Tamer Super Braided lines, "solid" in both 4 and.This also seems to reduce over time, with use. .The MX is available in two widths and in several colors.